LUPUTEC at your service

LUPUTEC is specialized supplier of explosion welded bi- and multiplayer composite metals (clad metals) and custom fabrication of products containing them.

LUPUTEC works closely with original equipment manufacturers, where composite metals are required for their proprietary equipment.

Explosion welded clad metals offer solution and many benefits for applications, where two different, traditionally non-joinable metals should be joined together.

We also manufacture unusual configurations and objects with wide precise shapes using Explosion Impulse Method.

LUPUTEC offers:

Total solutions for products and applications, containing explosion welded composite (clad) metals.

Development of explosion welded metals products, based on your basic ideas or basic design.

Design of products, containing composite metals.

Manufacturing of products, containing composite metals, according to your drawings or basic design.

Delivery of explosion welded composite metals in bulk and precut form.

Delivery of standard explosion welded metal components, like pipes and flanges.


Contact LUPUTEC:

Mäihätie 16
FIN-03100 Nummela
Puh/Fax: +358-9-222 4368